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Are You Considering Adding a Forum Feature to Your Site?

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If you are looking for a way to promote community conversation about your Rochester NY product or service, consider utilizing forums on your webpage. A forum is an area where you visitors can go to post ideas, talk about problems, and communicate with each other about a common interest. In this case, their common interest is you and your business.

What kind of businesses can profit from the use of forums?

The short answer is that every business looking to engage itself in public discussion can make use of Rochester forums in a positive way. There are some things to take into consideration, however. If you run a business that deals with controversial topics that are known to polarize people it likely is not worth the headache a forum will cause for you. Whereas all forums are susceptible to “internet trolls”, which are people acting unkind to others for the fun of it, businesses that generate a political or philosophical split may not be ready or willing to open themselves up to this kind of public scrutiny.

How should a business categorize its sub forums?

Your business type and tone should determine your sub forums. Certain business only keep a forum for feedback and customer service. Others, who are more interested in community discussion, should add more inclusive, entertaining areas to their Rochester ny forums.

Take for example a local Rochester gastro pub that features beers from around the world, specialty food, and local music every weekend. Opening up sub forums on different beers, favorite music, and food is a great idea to spark community interest in what your business offers. A company selling birth control likely will not want to offer the same amount of conversation space, however.

Where can I set up a forum?

Many web design companies and web hosts offer solutions should you decide to set up a forum for your Rochester based business. Even if you are using a free webhosting service you can find free plug ins to add forum functionality to your page. If you find you are generating a large amount of traffic then you will want to consider investing in a paid service to offer you and your customers a wider availability of service.

If you are considering setting up forums for your Rochester NY business, making use of these tips can streamline the process and help you decide whether public forums are a good idea for your business.

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