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Rails For Web Application Development

Mobile development

By 2016, there are predicted to be 2.1 billion active mobile app users in the world. That means that responsive web design could be critical to making reading and navigation possible on the spectrum of internet enabled devices. Currently, in terms of U.S. users, half of all mobile subscribers own a smartphone.

Ruby on rails web development incorporates a framework that is optimized for interactive apps that can be primarily internet based. From business intelligence applications to purely mobile development, rails web development leverages configurable components and built in hooks to create a strong web based application.

When looking at the evolution of ecommerce and big data applications, more than half of the 120 million U.S. smartphone owners use a shopping or retail app monthly. For a developer, creating the application base with rails web development means that they can leverage an open source application framework for quicker deployment. The software development is relatively more economical and quicker to market when building upon the modular rail web development framework.

Ruby, the basis for ruby on rails, is in use at Amazon, BBC, Cisco, IBM and various other high profile technology companies. For some, the allure is in the open source application framework that can deployed in proof of concept ideas very rapidly. While rails web development is very structured, the hooks and built in calls make it an easy transition from traditional application development.

By transitioning your application to a framework base, you can build on an inherent object oriented structure and spend more time on the business logic and operations than on the underlying components. Since rails web development uses underlying open source components, there is a more mature model to use and potentially a wider knowledge base for testing and troubleshooting issues. Plus, using an established framework means that other developers can readily troubleshoot or adapt existing code.

Business intelligence Mobile developers Responsive web design
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