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The Web is Just a Digital Marketplace!

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The @ symbol is viewed differently around the world. To North Americans, it is known as the apestaart, or the “monkeys tail” in Dutch. Italians refer to it is chiocciolina, or “small snail.” In Sweden it is referred to as the snabel “A,” which means “‘A’ with the trunk of an elephant.”

Web development is becoming increasingly essential in the 21st century. With everything moving to the web, it should come as no surprise. These days, a well developed website is just as important as a well kept, stylish store once was. Most people shop on their computers, so clicking on a website is the equivalent to walking into a store front.

If you own a small business, have you ever considered email hosting? If you plan on doing anything online (which you should) email and website hosting are usually an affordable, scalable, and accessible way to provide many accounts with email addresses. This is kind of like the digital version of a sales company giving each sales rep a business card. It will be a critical way to generate leads into the future.

Text based messages have been being sent for decades before email was officially “email.” Because of this, there is no real agreement to when the first email was sent. After all, what really makes an email an “email,” other than a message of text sent digitally? Web design and web development are excellent options for you to manage all of the “emails” of your company.

Spam can be a real hassle. Web development split into two schools of thought in the 80s, black label and white label…or spammers vs. honest advertisers. The first example of web development considered to be spam took the form of an email sent May 3, 1978. It was made to advertise a new computer system. 600 users of ARPANET were entered manually from a printed document.

Without a proper web development hosting company, spam can be more than merely pesky…it can be extremely costly to manage. A company with 1000 employees can spend up to $3 million each year just managing spam alone! Web development platforms allow you to filter this out, and get business done swiftly.

Email hosting ny Rochester ny web design Web development rochester ny
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