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Used Car Dealer Looking To Add to your Stock? Look Online


So you had a great Memorial Day sale at Herman’s Used Car Emporium. You were practically giving the cars away. All stock must go so you can make room for the newer models. Yeah, we know, we have all heard it before. But, now that all of the old stock is gone, do you have that new inventory that you were talking about? Because that lot is starting to look pretty empty. If you do not have any cars to sell, you might as well just close up for the day. And it is your responsibility to tell all of your salesmen that they will not be earning any money today. Then they will not be able to feed their kids… Needless to say, there are a lot of people relying on you, Herman, so you had better get some used cars to fill up that lot! No local auctions in the near future? Do not fret just yet, there is hope to be had in GSA auctions.

Have you ever considered, or heard of, Gsa auctions? General Services Administration is a resource for anyone to use that allows them to search the government’s property that is up for auction all over the country. This seized property can be anything mundane such as office equipment, houses, boats, or things more exotic, like an alligator pit that was confiscated because the owner had a crocodile license, but not the alligator one. But most importantly for you, Herman, is that this resource is perfect for finding perfectly good vehicles, that the government is trying to get rid of. You benefit because it is an auction format, so you could find some great steals, and the government earns money in the process. Anything they sell for is profit to the government, because they did not pay for them in first place!

You also have a few other options for your sources of online auto auction. You can utilize OpenLane, Ove, or SmartAuction, in addition to GSA auctions, to find the right cars at the right price, to fill that lot back up. Just make sure, when you are looking for sites to purchase bulk used vehicles, that you are looking on a reliable site. The last thing you want is to win an auction of 30 cars for a few thousand dollars, pay for the merchandise, and then come to find an empty shack when you drive to the address of the pick up. Like any purchases made online, even if it is a book for 30 cents, know from whom you are buying. Make sure your sources are reputable. More research here.

Insurance auto auctions Ove
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