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Tips for Avoiding Septic Tank Repair

Tips for Avoiding Septic Tank Repair

Whether or not you’ve lived with a septic tank before, this video offers some great suggestions for products to use and habits to adopt to mitigate septic tank repair.

Be Concientious of Water Use

  • Install low-flow toilets and showers
  • Run FULL dishwasher loads
  • Spread out laundry loads
  • Fix any leaky faucets and pipes

Choose the Right Products

  • Don’t flush unused medications
  • Avoid automated cleaners for showers and toilets
  • Minimize the use of antibacterial soaps
  • Use chemical-free cleaners, like vinegar
  • Refrain from dumping any food waste down the drain

Septic tanks are necessary for many homes due to their location off the local water grid. If you and your family have a septic tank, it’s important that everyone in the household is on the same page about maintaining a healthy septic system.

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Septic tank repair can be costly and inconvenient, so avoiding the need for said repairs is crucial.

In the event that septic tank repair is unavoidable, it’s best to hire an expert to assess and address any issues. It’s also recommended that you go over your habits and product usage to determine areas of improvement for you and your family. Septic tank repair is not something that anyone wants to experience more than once!


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