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A Limo Service Can Provide the Ultimate In Automobile Luxury

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In the automobile industry, you can’t get much more ostentatious or luxurious than riding in and especially owning your very own limousine. The choice is yours, but being picked up by an airport limousine service or any other limo provider is an experience that should not be passed up lightly if given the opportunity.

Culturally, the limo is considered the epitome of extreme conspicuous consumption, wealth and power. This is due to the fact that the limousine is the most expensive way of getting around via automobile, as any luxury car can be turned into a limo. Consider that limos were the first cars to have air conditioning. These vehicles were built in NYC and Chicago in 1939. At the time, the AC cost a 274 dollars, a lot of money at the time coming out of the Great Depression. These AC units were quite inefficient. A luxury limo service or limo service airport will provide far more these days.

When you see a limo, you might think of the automobile manufacturing company Lincoln. In addition to many of it’s limos being used by limousine services around the world, it holds the record for having built the largest limo on record. It was 100 feet long and built in California by a man named Jay Ohrberg in 1997. Due to it’s vast size, it had 26 wheels and required two driver cabins, one at the front and at the back. As turning might pose a problem for something so long, the middle of the car was split up and hinged, allowing it to fold when turning.

United States Presidents have a historical love affair with limousines. Woodrow Wilson rode in a 1916 Cadillac Series 53 in 1919 during a World War I victory parade. Models from Cadillac were used in Europe during the war because of their engine’s power and durability, which were the first mass produced V8s. Former President Eisenhower was also a known car nut and in 193 during his inaugural parade rode in one of the first Cadillac Eldorado models ever produced. This model was considered a high point in the design history of the automobile, considering it had the first wraparound windshield. This feature was very quickly adopted across other production models.

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Limo service Limo service airport Limousine service allentown pa
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