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Finding the Right Divorce Lawyer in Phoenix

Divorce law attorneys

Divorce is not a pretty thing. It carries with it a lot of pain and an often lengthy legal process. Back in Anglo Saxon times, things like marriage and divorce were not government issues. Instead, people would deal with them privately. However, by the time the colonies were established, that was no longer the case. Legislative action was required to obtain a divorce, which cost the parties involved a lot of time and money. This led to divorce being a very rare thing.

These days, the process has become much more manageable, and with it, we have seen an increasing divorce rate. When people enter their first marriage, divorce is most often occurs after about 8 years. These days, it is best to study up on family law information. For those living in Arizona, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Arizona is a no fault divorce state. This means that if either party wants a divorce for any reason, it will be granted. Then, any property acquired during the marriage is to be divided up between the two. This is where things get complicated. It is a good idea to investigate one of the many family law attorneys Phoenix AZ has to offer.

These also come in handy when you need services divorce law attorneys cannot provide. For example, if a child is born out of wedlock, meaning the parents are not married, there are some legal issues that will need to be resolved. If the father wants a say in the life of their child or if the mother wants child support, then paternity needs to be officially established. Simply having your name on the birth certificate is not enough. A DNA test must be performed to establish the legal father of the child. This would be an example of when to hire attorneys for family law.

One way to avoid the stress and pain of legal matters like this is to simply take your time. People with higher incomes and more education that get married later in life are far more likely to have lasting marriages. Even then, however it is smart to study up on family law information. It is one of those things most people hope to never use, but greatly appreciate when they need it. Read more about this topic at this link: www.gillaw.com

Attorneys for family law Family law attorneys phoenix
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